Innovative roofing material

Innovative roofing material

For many centuries copper is used as a building material - copper roofing. Roofing copper - an ideal material for the production of not only a simple roof, but complex configuration. She even used for installation of roofs with a small angle (3 ° - 12 °). Roof with an inclination angle of different high risk of leaks, but the copper roof is not afraid of this.

Roofing copper - the most expensive material of all roofing materials.

The advantages of copper roofing is so obvious that the price goes by the wayside:

The main advantage of roofing copper in long service life - up to 100 years.
Ease of installation
Color copper roofing varies over time (from golden to dark green) - through the process of oxidation. Over time, the roofing copper patina, which protects it from the damaging effects of the environment.

Roofing copper

Protects against ultra-violet rays.
Roofing copper - an environmentally safe material
Resistance to temperature, moisture, and heat.
High maintainability

We offer a unique material Innovative three-layer composite material, which is a stainless steel (grade steel corrosion-resistant heat-resistant, brand X6Cr17), plated on both sides of phosphorous beskilorodnoy copper (Cu-DHP copper).

Our material is made by rolled copper and stainless steel under high pressure. By plating copper tapes and ribbons of stainless steel turns innovative product, which combines the properties of copper and (beautiful appearance, property oxidized - the formation of patina) and stainless steel.

Copper layer of 50 microns (0.05 mm) for the same appearance and the formation of the patina, like the copper roof, but please note that 80% of the content of stainless steel provides safety from the roof of the harmful environmental factors (degrees, for example).

Material so well cut, molded, bent, soldered and welded as copper and stainless steel.

Roofing copper

Besides the fact that material used as a roofing material, this innovative product is used for the construction of:

Gutters, downpipes.
Chimneys, pipes
Dome monsardnoe window

Buying stuff, you get an innovative product at a more affordable price compared to the price of copper roofing. We are ready to give you a 25 year warranty on material when properly installed.

To order, use the following dimensions:
Belt width (sheet), 20-780 mm
Thickness mm 0.5-0.7

The thickness of the cladding layer (oxygen-free copper phosphorus)% of the thickness of the strip, sheet 10
Brand stainless steel 1.4016 (X6Cr17)
Cladding layer Cu-DHP (oxygen-free copper, phosphor)
Available forms of delivery bands, sheets
Length of sheets, mm 470 - 4000

The material innovative product was used on the following objects: a palace in Warsaw, Chartres Cathedral in France, the German Museum of achievements of science and technology in the Munich




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Innovative roofing material Innovative roofing material Innovative roofing material
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