Clad with stainless steel

Clad with stainless steel

Today, more and more industries are used in the production of bimetal as these materials provide high corrosion resistance, increase the structural strength, provide cost a lot of extremely scarce and rare metals (nickel, copper, and others). According to statistics - those businesses that use plated steel and alloys, save up to 70% of high-alloy steels, non-ferrous metals and their alloys. But technology does not stand in one place - German factory Wickeder Westfalenstahl not only produces bimetal trimetally, special steel, but stainless steel, plated with copper, nickel and steel, stainless steel clad on both sides.

  • Stainless steel plated copper is a clad on one or both sides of the cold composite material combines good electrical conductivity and the decorative surface of the copper with the physical and functional properties of stainless steel stainless stali.Plakirovannaya

Stainless steel plated copper comes in rolls and sheets.

(Standard) available sizes (CU - n / w steel) thickness tapes: 0.5 - 2.5 mm, width: 20 - 500 mm, the length of sheets: 470 - 4,000 mm, the thickness of the cladding layer as a percentage of 10%.

Surface types: stainless steel side - regular (polished rolling), the copper side - brilliant.

The main advantages of this material is:

  - Good strength

  - Good heat distribution

- Reduce costs by reducing the cost of production (copper-clad material instead of filler material).


  • Stainless steel plated with nickel is a clad on one or both sides of the cold composite material combines good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance.

Plated stainless steel

Belt width: 20-700 mm., Tape thickness: 0,12-0,8 mm layers (in% of the width of the tape) - 3-10%, grade base tape - 1.4301 and 1.4016.

Special attention should be given to mild steel clad with stainless steel !!! Finally, after more than 100 years after the invention of the austenitic stainless steel clad alternative appeared. Its name: WINOX. Its properties: similar to the original.

Regarding the strength, corrosion resistance and surface quality: austenitic stainless steels possess unsurpassed mechanical and physical properties. Until today. Thanks WINOX there is a real alternative to stainless steel. WINOX replaces costly homogeneous material clad composite, which will last a long time.

Depending on the application, WINOX may consist of two layers (stainless steel / mild steel) or three layers (stainless steel / mild steel / stainless steel). Available in various thickness ratio of cladding layers.

WINOX is an alternative when it comes clad in stainless steel. This material is an innovation from Wickeder Westfalenstahl - the market leader in cold-composite materials.

WINOX - an innovative composite material, clad with one or both sides of the stainless steel. WINOX combines high strength, excellent ductility and low cost of mild steel with the required properties of austenitic stainless steel.

If you are using in the production of stainless and mild steel, and do not know how to reduce production costs, then give us a call, our experts will tell you in more detail about the development of innovative Wickeder Westfalenstahl - WINOX. This material will not only reduce costs but also to protect the environment!

Composite material Wickeder Westfalenstahl comes with a homogeneous, shiny and smooth surface. Surface WINOX protected plated stainless steel and corrosion resistant. I should add that this material is ideal for modern welding processes. Please contact us for more information.

If we talk about the malleability WINOX, it is similar to the ductility of austenitic stainless steel - and with less effort. WINOX suitable for the production of pipes and deep drawing.

Download CU-Stainless
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  • Kitchen Industry (pan, etc.);
  • Architecture (the roof and so on.)
  • Automotive industry (oil cooler and so on.)
  • Etc.


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Clad with stainless steel Clad with stainless steel Clad with stainless steel
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