Special steel

Special steel

We produce produce a diverse range of steel of different qualities. Our special know-how on the one hand processing C-steel (carbon content> 0.25%), on the other hand the production of cold-rolled steel CRT (extremely thin material with stringent requirements for thickness and surface). The main advantage of the German manufacturing plant - cold-rolled steel strips dimensions: thickness of 0 to 6 mm, width from 0 to 1100 mm. Standard sizes from other manufacturers: thickness - 0,4-5 mm., Width - 20-650 mm. And thanks to a variety of operating parameters can be set by the mechanical properties of steels plant Wickeder Westfalenstahl able to satisfy all the demands of its customers.

Range Wickeder Westfalenstahl consists of the following special steels: DC01 (St2), DC03 (RRSt3), DC04 (St4), ZA, DC05, DC06 (IF18), ULCN140, Rfe80, Rfe60, Rfe40, HC260LA, HC300LA, HC340LA, HC380LA, HC420LA , HC460LA, C10E, C15E, C22E, C35E, C45 E, C55 E, C55S, C60E, C60S, C67S, C75S, C85S, C100S, 16Mn Cr5, 25CrMo4, 42CrMo4, 51CrV4.

They can be divided into the following groups of steels:


  • Clad steel for cold forming (DC01 (St2), DC03 (RRSt3), DC04 (St4) - in accordance with EN 10139 (DIN 1624) - Russian counterparts steels 08KP, 08PS, 08U)
  • Electrical steel (Rfe80, Rfe60, Rfe40 in accordance with DIN 17405)
  • Non-alloy steel with a higher yield strength and durability (HC260LA, HC300LA, HC340LA, HC380LA, HC420LA, HC460LA in accordance with EN 10268)
  • Hardening steel (C10E, C15E, 16MnCr5 in accordance with standard EN 10132-2 (DIN 17210) - analogues Russian steel grades 15, 18HG)
  • Heat-resistant steel relaxation (C22E, C35E, C45E, C55E, C55S, 25CrMo4, 42CrMo4 according to standard EN 10132-3 (DIN 17200) -analogues Russian steel grades 35, 45, 55, 20HM, 30HM, 30HMA, 35HM, 38HM)
  • Structural steel spring-spring (C60E, C60S, C67S, C75S, C85S, C100S, 51CrV4 in accordance with standard EN 10132-4 (DIN 17222) - analogues Russian steel grades 60, 60G, 50HGFA).

Cold rolled steel CRT (MDGs) with the stringent requirements:

  • Steel for deep drawing low earing (during deep drawing of sheet material) and high potential emerging
  • Nickel-aluminum alloys
  • Ferritic and austenitic stainless steels
  • Superhigh strip to a thickness of 50 μm (microns) and a maximum width of 980 mm
  • Special surface
  • Smoothing by stretching for the high demands of flatness.

If you have a need in the above cold-rolled steel, call our experts for advice and assistance in choosing the right special steels.

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  • Automotive industry (manufacture of gas cylinders (cartridges airbags), used in the airbag system, the belt housing, piston rings, roller chains, clutch housing. Girth gear starter, body rolling bearing and so on.)
  • Production of accessories for furniture (hinges for furniture, door hinge, etc..)
  • Electrical engineering (manufacture relays and so on.)

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