Besides bimetals we are ready to offer you trimetall. These materials find application where the uniform material can't fulfill all requirements. In the majority of cases bimetals and trimetalls are used in electrical equipment.

Today we are ready to offer you strips from trimetal the up to 800 mm wide. Once again we will note that the main advantage of trimetall, as well as bimetals, in a variety of materials and proportions of thickness of layers thanks to what they have unique properties and their cost below, than the cost of strips from uniform metals. It is necessary to add that we are ready to offer trimetalls with the thickness from 0,08 to 3,5 mm.

    Copper – Steel – Nickel
    Copper – Stainless steel – Nickel
    Copper – FeNi36 – Copper.

To get the commercial offer it is enough to send us an inquiry with the following information:

- the sizes with admissions
- alloy brand
- thickness of each layer
- mechanical properties (strength on a gap, a fluidity limit, relative lengthening)
- requirement (quantity).

If on your production uniform semi-finished products (strips, sheets) from copper, brass, bronze, nickel are used and you are interested in receiving a material which will provide unique properties, more long to serve, send us inquiry, we with pleasure will consult you and we will submit the offer on trimetalls.

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  • Automotive industry
  •     Power
  •     Electro nickname
  •     Many other things


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