Refractory Metals

Refractory Metals

Company Special Materials is one of the leading worldwide producers of refractory metals. The most popular refractory metals are: AERIS 1700 (tungsten), AERIS 1705 (tungsten-copper), AERIS 1710 (molybdenum) and AERIS 1715 (tantalum).

Tungsten AERIS 1700 - the most refractory and commercially pure metal having the highest melting point and a very high density. It has a high degree of hardness, anti-corrosion properties. It is produced in the form of wires, rods, strips, sheets.

Tungsten-Copper AERIS 1705 - the alloy combines high wear resistance of tungsten and excellent conductivity of copper. It supplied in the form of bars, plates.

Molybdenum AERIS 1710 - this metal has similar properties as tungsten (high melting point, high level of fatigue resistance at elevated temperatures (under vacuum or in a protective gas to 2000 K / 1727 C), a low heat expansion). It is produced in the form of wire, rod, tape, sheets, tubes.

Tantalum AERIS 1715 - this alloy is used for chemical equipment due to its outstanding properties: good machinability and chemical resistance.

AERIS refractory metals are available in a wide range of available sizes:

  • Round bars

  • Square, hex and rectangular bars

  • Sheets and plates with different thickness

Custom sizes and profiles are available on demand

Download AERIS 1700 - Refractory article
Download AERIS 1700 - Tungsten
Download AERIS 1705 - W-Cu
Download AERIS 1710 - Molybdenum
Download AERIS 1715 - Tantalum


Chemical Industry (Tantalum)

The cores in the molds (TZM)

Wire for sputtering (Molybdenum)

Wire heating furnaces protective gas (Molybdenum)

High-voltage switches (TUCO)

Production of filament yarns (TUCO)

Production of electrolytic capacitors (Tantalum)

Welding with tungsten electrode in inert Gas (Tungsten)

Radiation shields (Tungsten)

Electrodes / wheels resistance welding copper and brass (Tungsten)

Radiator sheets in high temperature furnaces (Molybdenum)

And much more

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