AERIS 1325, 1330, 1335, 1340

AERIS 1325, 1330, 1335, 1340

Company Special Materials is one of the leading worldwide producers of semi-finished bronze alloys for production of electrodes as well as bronze finished electrodes for contact welding.


The most popular bronze alloys are AERIS 1325 (CuZr), AERIS 1330 (CuCr1Zr), AERIS 1335 (CuCoNiBe), AERIS 1340 (CuNiSiCr). This popularity is due to the a great combination of high electro conductivity (min. 90 % I.A.C.S. for AERIS 1325; min. 75 % I.A.C.S. for AERIS 1335) along with high hardness (min. 105 HB for AERIS 1325; min. 130 HB for AERIS 1330; 250-280 HB for AERIS 1335; 220 HB for AERIS 1340). What makes them even more valuable – these alloys are quite low priced!


The great combination of AERIS 1325 (CuZr), AERIS 1330 (CuCr1Zr), AERIS 1335 (CuCoNiBe), AERIS 1340 (CuNiSiCr) properties allows a wide range of applications:

  • Spot welding electrodes and cap tips especially for coated sheets

  • Components for electronic devices, e.g. semiconductors

  • Electrodes and cap tips for spot welding as well as for spark erosion

  • Electrodes for projection welding

  • Butt welding jaws

  • Contact tips for MIG/MAG welding

  • Parts in electrical equipments under high stress conditions if high electrical conductivity is required

  • Shanks for resistance welding electrodes

  • Wheel electrodes for seam welding

  • Nozzles for submerged-arc welding devices

  • Plungers for die casting


In contact welding these alloys are usually used as follows.

AERIS 1325 spot welding of galvanized and aluminum steel sheets under standard conditions

AERIS 1330 standard electrode material for all types of welding, especially spot and roll seam welding of uncoated and coated steel sheets

AERIS 1335 roll seam welding of stainless steel sheets, projection welding, e.g. for weld nuts and other thick-walled sheet metal parts, cross wire welding in the production of welded wire mesh and for shopping baskets and trolleys, highly stressed cap holders for electrode holders, contact jaws for flash-butt welding machines in chain production.

AERIS 1340 projection- and seam welding of steel.


AERIS 1325, AERIS 1330, AERIS 1335, AERIS 1340 are available in a wide range of available sizes:

  • Round bars with diameters from 6 to 218 mm

  • Square, hex and rectangular bars with side size from 4 to 120 mm

  • Sheets and plates with thickness from 3 to 120 mm

Custom sizes and profiles are available on demand.


Finished parts produced exactly according to your drawings are also available. Please contact us to receive a commercial offer as well as information on the available ex stock products.

Download - AERIS 1335 (CuCoNiBe)
Download AERIS 1325 CuZr specification
Download AERIS 1330 CuCr1Zr specification
Download AERIS 1335 CuCoNiBe specification
Download AERIS 1340 CuNiSiCr specification


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