Zinc powder

Zinc powder

Zinc powder is one of the important products of deep zinc processing. Zinc powder represents thin bluish-gray powder, almost pure zinc (95-99,995%) with a small amount of impurity.

Our zinc powder (zinc dust) doesn't contain lumps, granules, pellets that confirm the granulometric analysis. Powder (dust) is made from specially selected high-quality primary zinc (SSHG zinc) and doesn't contain such metals, as mercury and cadmium. We offer a wide choice of zinc powder of different types and properties with different ranges of granulometric structure (20-600 microns) for different scopes.

Thanks to the unique properties zinc powder completely corresponds to the Russian analogs, possessing thus improved characteristics.

The use of the zinc powder raises the service life of products in the conditions of industrial, atmospheric and water environments, and also in the conditions of oil and gas economy and thus excludes the possibility of coverings flaking and cracking.

Our plant is ready to make zinc powder according to the specification of the customer with implementation of all requirements.


Main advantages:

  • Granulometric structure, i.e. distribution of particles of powder by the sizes
  • High purity (Zn: about 99,995%)
  • Constantly available in a warehouse
  • Opportunity to make powder under concrete requirements of the customer


Zinc powder is available in plastic packages 25 kg or big packages 1200 kg.

By additional inquiry we are ready to submit quality certificates depending on a scope of zinc powder.




Download - Specification zink powder GZ 25-4
Download - Брошюра на цинковый порошок
Download Specification zink powder GZ 6-0



  • Thermal diffusion galvanizing (bridge building, shipbuilding, aircraft industry, motor transportation industry, oil-processing industry)
  • Paintwork and zink-filled materials
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Chemical industry (production of benzidine, and other polymers)
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Storage batteries
  • Reagent for sedimentation of precious metals
  • And many other things


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Zinc powder Zinc powder
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