Zinc strips, sheets and foils

Zinc strips, sheets and foils

Company "Special Materials" delivers a wide range of flat-ferrous metal: copper, bronze, nickel silver, and others. Copper-based alloys. In addition to copper alloys our company manufactures a wide range of high-quality flat-rolled products of zinc and zinc alloys different: tapes Sheets and plates Foil. All products are produced on the most modern equipment using only high quality raw materials with a minimum zinc content of 99.995% (purity "Z1" in accordance with the European standard DIN EN 1179). This allows us to offer customers high quality products with excellent performance both on the chemical composition and mechanical properties and geometrical parameters - our production is characterized by minimum gage and sickle, very close tolerances in thickness and width. Our zinc ribbon correspond to requirements specified in IEC 18327-73, as well as on the geometrical and mechanical properties, superior to them. The surface of the tape may be as technologically lubricant, and without it. We produce flat-rolled products of various alloys based on zinc. The most widely used in the countries of the CIS and the Baltic States: Quality alloy "K" (instead of U0, TS1 GOST 598-90) Quality alloy "ZnCuTi" (instead of T) In addition to other standard alloys (for more information about where and brochures are available upon written request by fax +7 499 5040447), production capacity and experience allow us to produce flat-rolled products of zinc alloys to customer specification (for example, ultra-pure zinc with a minimum impurity content). For more information, please contact our managers. Range of sizes produced by us of flat-rolled zinc is also diverse - perhaps as the production of very thin zinc foil thickness of only a few microns, and the production of plates with a thickness of a few millimeters. At this width may be 10 and the tape thickness up to 700 mm. In case of need, available in warehouses in Russia and Germany, there are always examples of various alloys and sizes of flat-rolled products of zinc, which may be put to the test on your production. In addition, possible to produce special designs customized for the client. For more information on the availability of stock sizes, as well as preparing the samples, please send your written request to fax +7 499 5040447. All products are supplied exclusively in high-quality original packaging to avoid damage during transportation:


Download - Rolled prodyucts - zinc alloy "K"
Download - Zinc rolled products, alloy "ZnCuTi"



  •  Car and low voltage fuses to protect electrical equipment of industrial plants and electrical networks
  • Roofing of buildings
  • Address cliche
  • Braille printing
  • Buttons
  • Manufacture of batteries
  • And much more

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Zinc strips, sheets and foils Zinc strips, sheets and foils


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