Zinc anodes

Zinc anodes

For corrosion protection apart from zinc and ZnAl wire our company manufactures sacrificial anodes of zinc and zinc alloys and zinc anodes for electroplating. Sacrificial anodes are made of a special alloy of zinc, aluminum and magnesium, all the characteristics of the corresponding meet the international standard US-Mil-Spec. A1800 1 (K), and thus standards VG 81255. As for zinc anodes for electroplating - they are made ​​of high-purity zinc special grade with a minimum zinc content of 99.995% (in accordance with EN 1179 - grade zinc "Z1"). Corrosion is the primary enemy of any metal. Particularly affected are vessels that go across the seas, oceans, because of their metal parts come in contact with sea water, resulting in galvanic corrosion. Localized corrosion usually occurs in small areas of the surface, but this process is quick and leads to the destruction of the body. The best solution to this problem - the use of zinc anodes. Using them build a protective oxide film on the surface of metal products, which protects the metal. Sacrificial anodes of zinc and aluminum are mainly used for external cathodic protection of ships and port facilities, as well as structures that are in the sea (eg, oil-producing stations located in the open sea). Anodes of magnesium used in brackish and fresh water. For electrodeposited zinc applied profiles of various sizes, as well as rolled or cast zinc plates. Hull zinc anodes of all types are manufactured in accordance with international standards. Anodes for electrolytic deposition have the following dimensions: Standard sizes of zinc profiles 15 x 15 mm or 25 x 30 mm Rolled alloy or zinc plates: Thickness: 6 - 20 mm Width: 100 or 200 mm Length: 400 - 1200 mm Cast zinc anodes elliptical shape Length: 1200 mm On request we can manufacture special sizes of anodes and alloys, with hooks or without hooks (for more information about where and brochures are available upon written request by fax +7 499 5040447). Years of experience and tremendous capacity can produce anodes and to customer specification. For more information, please contact our managers. All products are characterized by consistently high quality from delivery to delivery, and recommended for use in the most critical parts. If you want to be sure of the quality of the zinc coating applied, or the longevity of their ships, you can safely rely on us as a reliable supplier and partner!

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  •  Galvanic anodes for metal products
  • Sacrificial anodes for ships 
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Zinc anodes Zinc anodes


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