Zinc sulphate and chemicals

Zinc sulphate and chemicals

Sulfur dioxide (sulfuric acid) and its derivatives.

Sulfur (SO2) dioxide - the liquefied gas. We offers the liquid dioxide of sulfur with a mass fraction of the content of sulfur of 98%.

Delivery is carried out on cars with a tank with a capacity of 15 - 64 t, containers about 24 t and containers of the compressed gas with a capacity of 550 kg and 1000 kg or the squeezed gas cylinders with a capacity from 2 kg to 100 kg.

Pirosulfat of sodium (Na2S2O5) is a disulphate of sodium or sodium metabisulphite. It is white crystal powder. It is made both for technical needs, and for the food industry.

Sodium disulphate is delivered in bags on 25 kg.

Sulfuric acid, oleum and secondary raw materials

Processing of secondary raw materials is based on process which was developed and developed by our plant. Industrial wastes are burned in two separate drum furnaces at high temperature. Gas which is formed by production, is cleared and used as raw materials by production of high-quality dioxide of sulfur of a liquid state.

Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) represents transparent liquid, slightly fat and without any smell in very concentrated look.

Oleum – viscous oily colourless liquid or sulfuric acid with the excess content of teroxide of sulfur. Has a number of chemical and physical features: on air "smokes", reacts with water with allocation of very large number of heat.


The division Sulphates is responsible for production of zinc sulfate at plant and sodium sulfate.

Grilloflow zinc sulfate represents white, thin crystal powder. Zinc sulfate monohydrate – white powder. Zinc sulfate has no smell and is hygroscopic (easily absorbs moisture), is easily dissolved in water.

Sulfate of zinc is delivered in bags on 25 kg.

Dimetilsulfat or dimetilovy air of sulfuric acid (C2H6O4S) represents liquid which can be both colourless, and slightly yellowish, without foreign substances.

The product possesses high toxicity / is poisonous and are classified as cancerogenic. Production, transportation, processing, respectively, on condition of observance of special precautionary measures. Dimetilsulfat always has to be stored in the closed systems.

Sodium sulfate (sodium sulfate) is a pearl of a form, white to a weak-yellow product. It has no smell and is well dissolved in water. Water solutions have sour reaction.

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  •  Dioxide of sulfur use by production of cellulose, sugar, as preservative in the food industry and production of drinks. In the chemical industry it is used as an initial material and a supportive application for synthesis.
  •     Bisulphite a nastriya is necessary in sewage treatment / chemical for the technical industry, for flotation of ores, in the paper and cellulose industry, in the food industry (production of starch, sugar and winemaking).
  •     Pyrosulfite sodium - a reducer in production of chemical fibers;  it is used in a detoxication of sewage from galvanization plant, and also in a photo and building industry, as a food additive.
  •     Sulfuric acid мчпользуется in production of mineral fertilizers, chemical fibers, metallurgy, energy drinks and the chemical industry.
  •     Sulfate of zinc is used in pharmaceutics, production of a forage for animals, and also fertilizers.
  •     Dimetilsulfat is used in production of biologically decaying softeners of fabric, cosmetics and dyes, pharmaceutical preparations and agricultural chemicals for protection of plants.
  •     Sodium sulfate is used a vproizvodstvo of acid cleaners for house needs, the industry and milk plants, in water processing (measurement рН pools), the textile, tanning industry and metallurgy.

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Zinc sulphate and chemicals Zinc sulphate and chemicals Zinc sulphate and chemicals
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