Zinc oxide

Zinc oxide

Zinc oxide / Zinc whitewash is a chemical element which is irreplaceable in production of uncountable quantity of products. Such big variety demands a special choice of types of oxide of zinc (ZnO 2011, ZnO F72, ZnO F80, ZnO G6, ZnO Green Seal, ZnO Pharma 4, ZnO Pharma 8, ZnO Red Seal, ZnO White Seal and others. Possessing a huge choice, we are capable to meet any inquiries and requirements for chemical properties.

We produce and offer exclusively high-quality material from primary zinc (Zn 71,5%-99,9%) for various industries according to the quality standards of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, DIN EN ISO 14001 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Main advantages:

  •     The size of oxide particles of zinc provides the necessary level of reactivity
  •     Oxide of zinc doesn't contain fillers or agents who prevent adhesion     
  •     Excellent flowability
  •     Zinc oxide doesn't raise dust
  •     Provides the highest protection against radiation UVB and UVA
  •     Powder has white color
  •     Low content of lead and arsenic
  •     Possibility of supply of oxide of zinc in the granules
  •     High-strength packing
  •     Always available in a warehouse
  •     Possibility of the conclusion of the direct contract with plant

For testings we offer zinc oxide prototypes which are available in a warehouse.
Packing: a paper package to 25 kg, a big package to 500 - 1000 kg.

Download - Оксид цинка - Цинк для домашнего скота
Download - Оксид цинка 2011
Download - Оксид цинка F72
Download - Оксид цинка F80
Download - Оксид цинка Green Seal
Download - Оксид цинка Pharma 4
Download - Оксид цинка Pharma 6
Download - Оксид цинка Pharma 8
Download - Оксид цинка Red Seal
Download - Оксид цинка White Seal
Download - Оксид цинка_Применение
Download Certificate FAMI-QS
Download GMP


  •     In production of car tires
  •     In ceramic industry (improvement of elasticity of a grass, reduces glaze fusion temperature)
  •     In production of paint and varnish products
  •     In electronic industry (production of ferrite, varistors, electrocables)
  •     As rust solvent components
  •     In pharmaceutics (is a part of powders, pastes zinc, pastes salicylic and zinc (Lassar's pastes), Teymurov's ointments, suppositories of "Anastezol", etc.)
  •     In production of cosmetic products (it is used in creams for suntan as ultra-violet filters (UV-filters), etc.)
  •     In the medical industry and stomatology (oxide of zinc is a part of abrasive pastes and products from stomatologic cements; possesses photocatalytic activity that in practice it is used for creation of self-cleaning surfaces, bactericidal coverings for walls and ceilings in hospitals and so forth)
  •     In production of rubber products and an imitation leather
  •     In agriculture (oxide of zinc is an irreplaceable product as it is used as an additive to sterns for animals. Zinc participates in many corporal processes. Normal synthesis of protein and a metabolism is impossible without zinc. At addition in a forage of oxide of zinc growth of animals, improvement of health and a stop of growth of pathogenic bacteria is observed)
  •     And many other things


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Zinc oxide Zinc oxide Zinc oxide
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