Zinc alloys "ZAMAK"

Zinc alloys "ZAMAK"

Today casting of metals under pressure has become very popular, as it allows to produce castings of various complex configuration, the weight of which may be a few grams, and tens of kilograms. Injection molding process is as follows - the molten metal is fed first into the baling chamber, and then using the plunger (piston) is fed under pressure (from seven to seven hundred MPa) in a mold cavity. The mold is revealed when casting solidifies. Non-ferrous metals have a low pressure, so casting of non-ferrous metals is very common. By non-ferrous metals include zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium, tin-lead.

In Russia, zinc alloys for die casting are known as CAM - Zinc-Aluminum-Copper. We supply zinc alloys ZAMAK, which has become a synonym for zinc alloys worldwide. The composition of the zinc alloy ZAMAK includes the following elements: Zinc (Zn), aluminum (Al), Magnesium (Mg) and copper (Cu). Zinc alloys are analogues of Russian ZAMAK alloys CAM (CAM 4; TSAM4-1; TSAM4-3; CAM-1; TSAM9-1,5; TSAM10-5; TSAM 0.2-4; TSAM1; TSAM 2-5; CAM 10 -2; TSAM 15, etc..) but have some differences in terms of mass fractions of alloying elements.

We should also focus on the benefits of zinc alloys ZAMAK:

1.Excellent flow (completely fill the mold). ZAMAK often used for highly successful casting.

figure poured alloy ZAMAK, tsamb tsam4-1, zinc alloy

In 2011, we were approached by a company which is engaged in the artistic casting. She had a task - making a collection of soldiers, made with historical accuracy in wide 54 mm (as in the picture) of zinc alloy by centrifugal casting. Multiple specialists of the company tried to make a similar figure of zinc alloys TSAM 4-1 Russian-made, but all attempts failed, since the alloy TSAM 4-1 did not possess those properties that were required for the casting of such complex workpieces. Zinc alloys ZAMAK centrifugal casting enabled them to achieve excellent quality due to the fact that the turnover and shrinkage of them were much better TSAM 4-1.

2.Purity of alloys ZAMAK always at a high level. You will not encounter a situation where the first batch will be of good quality, and the quality of the second installment will be much worse. With every delivery we provide you with a certificate of quality, which is your guarantee that you will not encounter any problems during casting.
3.Purity of surface of the molded part of ZAMAK - surface quality of the molded part is so high that you do not need subsequent polishing.

4.When the high speeds of the melt in the gating system ZAMAK oxide film, mixed with air, does not form a foam, in connection with which there are defects in the body castings.

5. Light color molded parts (reminiscent of tin).

6.High quality raw materials used for the production of zinc alloy ZAMAK - thanks to this cast parts do not crack!

7.Bad adhesion zinc alloy ZAMAK to the material of the mold.

The weight of one ingot is about 5 kg. Bundle weight - 700 kg.

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Zinc alloys "ZAMAK" Zinc alloys "ZAMAK"
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