Roof zinc and copper

The category of elite roofing materials include metals such as zinc, titanium and copper. Although they are expensive, but have a very long service life.
Copper roofing is available in rolls. For the production of this material, copper alloy is used (the amount of copper is 99%). Roof copper rebated fit method. In this case, the roof may be formed as brickwork or fish scales. It can be produced from copper gutter system scraps.
Roof Zinc is considered durable and resist corrosion.
Coating only drawback is its friability and low plasticity. But the experts were able to eliminate this disadvantage by the use of dopants. As a result, he went an alloy of zinc and titanium, which extended the life of the roof up to 120 years. As for the roof of the zinc-titanium, it has its own specifics. First of all, it is laying the material at a temperature of not less than 7 degrees. Also, this roofing is mounted on the crate, with a gap of 10mm.
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