Aluminium wire for tea

Aluminium wire for tea

It is difficult to find an area of ​​industry where there would be an aluminum wire used. Today, aluminum wire is used in the food industry (sausage, beer, tea), shipbuilding, welding constructions, in the manufacture of wires, cables and other electrically conductive networks. Our company is a representative of the German group of German factories, production capabilities which allow to produce aluminum wire diameters from 0.08 to 20 mm, as well as aluminum tubes, rods and profiles of aluminum and aluminum ribbons. Aluminum wire is used GUTMANN production in various fields: production of clips, tea bags for the food industry, the production of wire (for electrical and mechanical applications), to improve the quality of the surface by flame spraying, welding, for packaging.
By placing an order for the production of aluminum wire from us you get the following benefits:
- The manufacturer has nearly a century of experience in the manufacture of semi-finished aluminum and aluminum alloys
- Production of aluminum wire is certified to DIN ISO 22000
- The availability of special equipment, guaranteeing excellent even surface edges
- Use of special coils that are suitable for the food industry
- Many years of experience in providing service to the client (compact packing of coils in the boxes, technical advice, and so on).
For more information on the chemical composition of alloys, the mechanical properties of aluminum wire can be found in our catalog.
Send us your request by e-mail indicating alloy grade, mechanical properties (tensile strength, elongation) of aluminum wire, and we will promptly present to you an offer on our official form.


  • Shipbuilding;
  • Welding;
  • Production of cables;
  • Production of tea bags;
  • And much more.

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Aluminium wire for tea
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