Tea label

Tea label

Tea label for tea bags - an integral part, which is the hallmark of the brand products and forms. If you purchase tea packing equipment (IMA, Constanta, Perfecta, MAISA, HST or other), you need to think not only about such materials as aluminum wire, cotton thread, filter paper, but also about the tea label, it will help build brand , promote the product on the market and make it competitive.


Tea label is always produced according to requirements of the customer:

- Dimensions (23h28mm or 28h32mm or other)

- Size tolerances

- The density, the thickness of the cardboard / paper

- Single / or double-sided printing

- Availability of varnishing

- paint

- Winding.

To prepare the correct quotation is sufficient to answer all the above questions. Please note that our company is interested in long-term and mutually beneficial relationship, so our experts are happy to offer you samples for testing.


  • Production of tea bags;
  • and much more.

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