Teapacking equipment

Teapacking equipment

If you want to open tea factory, our company can offer you everything you need: Teapacking equipment and materials (aluminum wire, cotton thread, filter paper, tea packaging and label). Packaging equipment for tea is a vertical type machine for packing of small-piece and bulk products.


They have the following characteristics:

1. Productivity (60 to 400 packages per minute)

2. Consumables

3. Technology of production.


It should also be noted that when buying packaging machines should complement the shop and the necessary devices for screening, weighing, packaging, temperature control and transportation. This equipment allows to achieve full automation of the packaging process, it can be placed in the shop of any size thanks to the ergonomics of each unit.


Let us give a few tips for choosing equipment.

It should be noted that the market of equipment manufacturers for packaging tea great, but the Chinese equipment is different, as usual, at cost. Choosing a manufacturer to be understood in the first place, what volumes of finished products will be able to implement. After all, it will help you choose equipment performance. Also keep in mind that it is automatic and semiautomatic.

If you choose semi-automatic equipment, all of the basic operations that include sealable and cutting package, the employee will perform. When working with automatic equipment workers involved in the process is minimal.

If you plan to sell tea bags of the premium segment, it is necessary to select the machines that pack a bag of filter paper in the individual package tinfoil or paper bags. Producer of equipment can also offer you the equipment that packs the bags from the boxes in an amount of 25-50-100 pieces respectively (but the number may be different).


If you were a lot of questions on the selection of equipment and advice is needed, please contact our specialists.


  • Production of tea bags;
  • and much more.

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