Cardboard packaging

Cardboard packaging

Our company offers only environmentally friendly packaging for tea bags - packaging cardboard. Cardboard packaging for tea - the best, practical and common form of packing. You should know that even premium tea is packed in a cardboard box.


After all, this type of packaging has the following advantages:

- environmentally friendly

- Through the structure provided a good safety

- A small mass of the package

- Providing the required strength during transport

- A variety of packaging

- The ability to print different images, logos, text and other information.


Packaging design for teabags a direct impact on consumer demand, because consumers value in the first appearance of the packaging, and then taste the quality of the product.

Our production capabilities allow to produce cartons for tea bags all sizes, styles and settings. Due to our packaging preserved aromatic properties of tea, it's nice to take it to the consumer in the hands, and subsequently used as a souvenir. In the production we use only high quality raw materials, which allows the use of offset printing, hot stamping, embossing gallograficheskoy and gold foil, and other types of finishes.


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