The filter paper for tea bag

The filter paper for tea bag

The company "Special Materials" provides a high-quality filter paper for the production of tea bags.
Filter paper used for the production of the portion packaging tea in bags of different shapes. It has a high wet strength and low density, is a conventional filter paper. It differs from the products with characteristics similar high level of porosity while maintaining the strength. Therefore, as a result of careless actions break the bag will not work. In combination with an excellent ability to pass moisture, it is the ideal solution for the production of tea bags. The filter paper is used as a consumable material in the manufacture of tea bags. It is an excellent solution for the manufacture of packaging for a variety of drinks, tea, herbs, since in addition to other properties and characteristics of this paper is absolutely clean, in no way affects the taste and quality of the packaged material.

Tea filter paper is used for the manufacture of a batch of tea packing in bags of different shapes. It has a high wet strength and low density. The structure of the paper includes a specially-prepared mixture of abaca and a variety of other cellulose fibers, which ensures rapid infusion and kept small particles of tea inside the bag.

Depending on the principle of formation of bags, filter paper is divided into two types: heat-and netermosvarivaemaya.

Heat-sealing filter paper
The density of the supplied filter paper 16-21 g / m2 provides all manufacturer requirements for the packaging of bulk food products and selected depending on the dustiness of packed raw materials. Formation of the paper bag of this type is provided by heating it to a temperature of 145 ° C thermo. Welding provides a thin layer of polypropylene, which is applied on one side of the paper web. When the two are welded layer joined together and warmed up in a matter of seconds in the field of pressing forms a strong seam that keeps the contents of the filter bag inside it. Used for welding polypropylene absolutely not manifest itself when brewed content filter - bags with boiling water and does not affect the taste of the drink. Available in round, square, single- and dual-chamber forms.

Netermosvarivaemaya filter paper
The filter paper of the type manufactured density of 12.3 g / m2. It is used for the packaging of tea, herbs and for the production of mustard plasters in bags. Produced usually in a square and two-chamber forms.
The company "Special Materials" is ready to deliver any size of filter paper under your order. Packaging - coil.
All products are available exclusively in high-quality original packaging to avoid damage during transportation.


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The filter paper for tea bag
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