Electrodes and holders

Electrodes and holders

Today resistance welding is used for producing different products (cars, mesh, chains etc.) There are the following types of resistance welding: spot, seam, butt and projection. Resistance welding machines consist of the following parts: electrodes, holders and copper folio bus or cables. These parts are wearing therefore they are the most important factors in the resistance welding process. It is very important to consider the alloy for producing electrodes, size, shape and cooling.

Copper alloys with a small percentage of alloying elements are usually used for producing electrodes and holders. These alloying elements improve hardness and maintain good conductivity. The most common materials for resistance welding are copper-chromium bronze, copper-zirconium bronze, copper-beryllium bronze.

Our company produces electrodes according to the drawing of client and recommend to use electrodes:

- out of alloys copper-chromium bronze, copper-zirconium bronze, copper-chromium-zirconium bronze for low carbon and high strength steel;

- out of alloys copper-nickel-silicon bronze, copper-cobalt-beryllium bronze, copper-nickel-cobalt-beryllium bronze for stainless steel, big diameter reinforcement rods.

The tool holders function as a mechanism to hold the electrodes firmly in place and also support optional water hoses that cool the electrodes during welding. If you have scheduled replacement of holders please send us drawings. We produce holders out of alloy copper-nickel-cobalt-beryllium bronze.

Please find enclosed specification of materials that we recommend for resistance welding.

If you have any questions regarding the choosing the right alloy please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

Download AERIS 1330 CuCr1Zr specification
Download AERIS 1335 CuCoNiBe specification



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