Water cooled cable

Water cooled cable

Water cooled cables are usually used for welding machines, electric furnaces, electric arc furnaces, induction furnaces and etc. Our company manufactures water cooled cables only according to the drawing of the client.

As you can see on the photo water cooled cable are sheathed with reinforced rubber hose. Our company uses high conductivity electrolytic Copper for producing straight lugs. Electrolytic grade Copper wire is used for wire construction. The total sectional area shall not be less than the sectional area as per MCM/mm2 rating.

The principal difference compared to air cooled connectors are the water hose on the cable and the solderless crimped contact ends with water holes which together allows coolant water flow on the cable. The contact ends are manufactured from E Cu material with same conductance value as cable and crimped to the cable without using solder or additives. These types are used where cables are overheated because of high current transmission.

In order to get a commercial offer we are kindly asking you to send us the drawing.

If you have any questions regarding the choosing the right alloy please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

Download AERIS 1130 Specification


Spot welding (straight electrodes bent electrodes cap electrodes)

Seam welding (discs and rings)

Butt welding

Projection welding

And other types of electrodes, including your drawings

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