Today, resistance welding is used in many industries and electrodes for resistance welding is a consumable item that needs to be replaced when worn. We offer you to entrust the manufacture of electrodes made ​​of bronze of our company, so you will save on labor costs of experts, who previously produced the electrodes, and save your time, get ready to high-quality product of European materials. Please note that our company manufactures electrodes of high quality semi-finished bronze alloy, which produces world-renowned manufacturer - the company.

Company has the world's largest warehouse of semi-finished and finished electrodes of bronzes brands CuCrZr, CuCoNiBe,CuNiSiCr. Please note that the typical hardness of alloy grade CuCoNiBe - 250-270 HB, thanks to which the resistance of the electrodes up to several times greater than the resistance of electrodes made from domestic bronze alloys.

We are ready to make your request, drawing any electrode of high quality bronze alloy brand CuCoNiBe, which was proven successful in welding mesh, pipes and other products. It should be noted that even the manufacturer of welding equipment, the company EVG, indicated on the drawings to the electrodes material alloy CuCoNiBe. CuCoNiBe - is the chemical composition of the alloy brand CuCoNiBe.

In order to get the current quotation for electrodes made of bronze alloy brand CuCoNiBe, you need to send a request by email or info@sm.su tdv@sm.su with the attached drawings and the required quantity.

We are always willing to meet the client and consider requests for a minimum batch of electrodes for testing!



Welded mesh
Welding of nonferrous metals
Welding steel tanks
Welding body parts of planes, cars
And much more

Download - AERIS 1330 (CuCrZr)
Download - AERIS 1335 (CuCoNiBe)
Download - Alloys for contact welding




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