Brass strips, sheets and plates

Brass strips, sheets and plates

Our company also produces flat-rolled products, we specialize in the production of rolled materials for specific market segments: lead frames, telecommunications, connectors, automobile electronics, metal products, electrical and others. All alloys - brass, bronze, copper, special - made exclusively from high-quality raw materials and always have excellent characteristics.


One of the most popular alloy is an alloy of copper and zinc - brass. Also in addition to copper and zinc we can also add to the alloy of tin, nickel, aluminum, cobalt, and other metals to obtain specific properties of its products that are not available in the usual brass. Depending on the proportion of the alloying element (zinc) and impurities, copper alloys are divided into three groups: normal brass, lead and special brass.

Clad brass has on the one hand excellent physical and electrical properties similar to copper, on the other hand - low cost, It is widely used in many industries. The use of brass - even wider!


The most frequently brass used for the production of high-quality electrical contact devices. Alloyed brass is often used in the manufacture of contacts in telecommunications. From brass strips AERIS you can make a very sophisticated electric contacts.

Not so obvious, but no less important is the use of brass AERIS in the production of metal products, jewelry, watches, and decorative details. Made of brass products attract attention due to a brilliant smooth surface of the highest quality. Brass is easy to process (stamping, engraving and milling) and are low cost. If you need a relatively cheap material for enameling, etching or the production of decorative metal products with superior surface, you can trust us!


The most widely used by customers are brass AERIS 1220 and AERIS 1235.

These materials have capacity for cold and electrolytic treatment, tinning and soldering. In addition, they are resistant to water, neutral and alkaline solutions, organic compounds as well as the earth, sea and industrial atmosphere.


Brass alloys AERIS AERIS 1220 and 1235 are supplied as:

  • Standard coils with an outside diameter up to 1400mm;
  • Rolls with welded ends with the weight of the drum up to 1.5 tonnes;
  • Multikoylov to 5 tons;
  • Strips with hot tinning;
  • Milled strips; sheets;
  • Strips and sheets with a protective film.


Available sizes of brass bands:

  • Strip thickness - 0.10 mm; finer sizes - to order
  • Belt width - 3 mm, but not less than 10 strip thickness
Download - AERIS 1220 CuZn30 specification
Download - AERIS 1235 CuZn37 specification


  • Contacts in the automobile industry
  • Contacts for electrical devices
  • Metal products
  • Decorative details
  • Details in the manufacture of watches and jewelery
  • And much more




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Brass strips, sheets and plates Brass strips, sheets and plates Brass strips, sheets and plates Brass strips, sheets and plates Brass strips, sheets and plates
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