Сopper strips

Сopper strips

For a long time it is believed that copper is an ideal material for electrical engineering. Our company uses in production only the highest quality raw materials, the most modern equipment and advanced manufacturing processes.
Therefore, the proposed products are of consistently high quality in each delivery.
Therefore, the world's largest manufacturers of electrical products used in their production the strips of our production to ensure the quality of products!
Therefore, the world's largest manufacturers of stamping equipment recommend the use AERIS strips to guarantee customers the correct operation of the equipment!

Your benefits when you are choosing an AERIS strips:

  • A stable and very high quality products in each delivery: for mechanical parameters (tensile strength, elongation), electric parameters (conductivity), the geometric (hard tolerance, sickle, gage)
  • Very strict limits on chemical composition to achieve uniform properties along the length of the strip (often  several kilometers)
  • Material simultaneously meets several standards, for example UNS, DIN and EN
  • Ultramodern casting with constant monitoring of any and all stages of production can achieve quality comparable to the best in the world
  • A wide range of alloys for all possible applications and future developments from a single supplier
  • Detailed information for each alloy, technical expert advice
  • We constantly upgrade equipment, improve production processes, develop new alloys - with us you are always in the forefront of technological progress!

Delivery form of flat-rolled production Wieland:

  • Wide range of sizes strips (strip thickness from 0.1 to 6 mm, width from 3 mm to 400 mm)
  • Strips in rolls with an outside diameter up to 1400 mm
  • Spools weighing up to 1.5 tons
  • Strips, silver-plated and coated strip hot-dipped of pure tin-based alloy of tin and silver from lead-free alloys
  • Profiled strips and sheets - for the most modern production!
Download AERIS 1130 Specification


  • Power transistors
  • Coaxial cables
  • Transformers
  • Connectors / plugs
  • Leadframe semiconductor devices
  • Heat exchangers
  • And much more

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