Cladding non-ferrous metals

Cladding non-ferrous metals

Thanks to innovative technology companies Wickeder Westfalenstahl we can offer our clients the following Bimetals: aluminum-copper - aluminum (AL-CU-AL), aluminum-copper (AL-CU), copper-aluminum-copper (CU-AL-CU), copper -aluminum (CU-AL), CuZn20Ni5- nickel-CuZn20Ni5, CuNi25-nickel-CuNi25. These are produced by Bimetals cladding.

Today Bimetals very often used in industry due to its unique properties and cost, about which you can find below. But we must first understand what is cladding.

Cladding - a process in which the various metal layers are connected with each other under high pressure. But it is necessary to add that all the pre-surface bands, which will be connected, are cleaned, processed, and then fall into the rollers clad equipment.


Cladding non-ferrous metals

The next processing step - annealing, whereby the layers of tapes become inseparable, and any work hardening during the forming process is removed by recrystallization. Rolling, temper rolling - the following stages through which are formed the exact dimensions and surface quality tapes, and also increases yield strength. Next, the tape is cut and packaged. Plating process was thoroughly painted specially for you to have an idea of ​​how to produce tapes of various non-ferrous metals, and how to reach the required quality and customer sizes.

Through the process of non-ferrous metals clad Bimetals have the following advantages: Price advantage: the saving of expensive non-ferrous metals, due to their replacement by cheaper as the basis for the tape Unique properties: bimetal can combine both a high thermal conductivity, high corrosion resistance and magnetic properties. Resistance to counterfeiting (example - euro coin). As was described above, we are ready to offer you the following Bimetals: Aluminum - Copper - Aluminum Aluminium - Copper Copper - Aluminum - Copper Copper - Aluminum CuZn20Ni5 - Nickel - CuZn20Ni5 CuNi25 - Nickel - CuNi25 For more technical information about these materials can be found in applications or ask our specialists.

Download Al Clad Cu
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  • Energy (solar absorber and so on.)
  • Automotive (materials for Li-lion battery for electric vehicles and so on.)
  • Electro (electrical components of tires and so on.)
  • Etc.

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