Bronze strips, sheets and plates

Bronze strips, sheets and plates

Production and delivery tin bronze is one of the specialties of our company. Due to the special production technology, German bronze strips are characterized by high corrosion resistance, homogeneity and excellently stamped on any hardware. In addition, the AERIS strips have excellent elastic and relaxation properties, high resistance to temperature fluctuations, which makes this alloy indispensable for the manufacture of electronics in automobile industry and contacts in telecommunications.

Only high-quality raw materials are used for the production of bronze strips, which are melting at the German plant. The highest quality of our products provides by controlling the entire production process.


Bronze tape is supplied in the form of:


  • Standard coils with outside diameters up to 1400mm;

  • Traverse-wound coils with drum weights up to 1,5 t;

  • Multicoil up to 5 tons;

  • Hot-dip tinned strip;

  • Contour-milled strip;

  • Sheet;

  • Strip and sheet with protective coating.


The main differences between the bronze rolled metal AERIS:


  •  Wide ranges in size from 0.1 mm in thickness, 3 mm in width;

  • Very stringent size;

  • The ability to more precisely define the limits of tensile strength / elongation, You can optimize your production and make more functional products;

  • Possibility of the order of silver-clad rolled materials, hot-tinned strips with high-quality lead-free alloys;

  • High-quality original packaging.


An additional advantage of the German alloys AERIS will be the uniformity of the geometric characteristics of bronze strips (minimum polythickness, camber), no trace of rolling - all this can be achieved through the use of the most modern, constantly modernizing equipment!

It should also mention specifically designed for use in connectors a new type of hot-tinned alloy HOTSn - an environmentally friendly alloy of lead-free tin, which is a cheaper alternative to cladding silver alloy. HOTSn  is more thermally stable and resistant to abrasion, wear and corrosion resistance, has high hardness and solder ability. Depending on the requirements of the surface, the thickness of the coating may range from 0.7 to 10 micrometers.

Download AERIS 1310 Specification


  • Connectors

  • Relays

  • Contact springs

  • Stampings



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Bronze strips, sheets and plates Bronze strips, sheets and plates


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