Aluminium bronze alloys

Aluminium bronze alloys

Our company would be glad to supply you with high quality bronze AERIS 1350 (CuAl10Fe3), AERIS 1355 (CuAl10Ni5Fe4) and AERIS 1360 (CuAl13Fe3Mn2).

Among others alloys we could produce semifinished products from AERIS 1370 (CuAl14Fe4MnCo) and AERIS 1365 (CuAl14Fe4Mn2Co).

These alloys are known for high strength and durability. They are acid resistant, that’s why they are used in chemical industry. This type of bronze is used in equipment under ultralow and ultrahigh temperatures from -180 till +300 °C.

As usual details from bronze are expenditures so they need to be replaced periodically. Bronze details are used in friction joints and bear  load by friction and motion. They save other details safe and with no signs of abrasion. That is why it is so important to choose the right alloy of bronze for your production.

AERIS bronze is widely used in production of such details as screw boxes, gears, bearing of reduction gear, milling and transport equipment, centrifugal pumps, rolling mills.

Main field of implementation of the above mentioned alloys are engineering, aviation and navy vessels industry.

Also our company has a possibility to produce bronze bushings, rings, washers and other details which are used for counteraction of wear in different gears.

We are kindly asking you to send us your inquiry for semifinished products from bronze AERIS or production of details according to the draft to e-mail

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  • Crushing and grinding machinery
  • Press equipment
  • Automotive and road construction
  • Metallurgical plants
  • Electric locomotives
  • Paper and food industries
  • Water turbines

Aluminium bronze alloys Aluminium bronze alloys
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