Plungers for injection molding

Plungers for injection molding

Today in Russia there are many companies that specialize in the manufacturing of non-ferrous metals and their alloys (aluminum, brass, zinc, magnesium and other alloys) by injection molding, which uses pistons (plunger) for injection molding of aluminum, magnesium. Aluminum and magnesium alloys are often used as a raw material for the manufacture of products by injection molding due to its low weight. Casting these alloys are mainly used machines with horizontal cold chamber die.If we consider the range of products that are made on these machines, it should be noted that a large proportion of occupied vehicle components (various elements of the internal combustion engine of the car, etc.).


Despite the fact that injection molding requires the purchase of expensive equipment, limits the range of the obtained moldings, and so on, this casting technique is used to manufacture various components and elements. Optimize this process is not just from the standpoint of raw materials but also equipment - primarily it is necessary to use high quality plunger (piston) for injection molding. We supply plunger (piston) of alloy CuCoNiBe and CuNiSiCr on machines for molding aluminum and magnesium.


We are ready to supply you not only finished the plunger (piston) for injection molding machines, but also to make them blank, if your company has a fleet of equipment. If you are not able to make the data of the machine, please send us an e-mail or fax + 7-499-504-04-46 drawings and we are happy to present you with an offer to supply any number of plungers. Our company is always ready to meet the client - we are willing to provide free samples of pieces of bronze CuCoNiBe and CuNiSiCr, so you could make your own plug and make sure that we offer you a quality product, which is used by European companies. Test certificates piston copper alloy CuCoNiBe demonstrates the advantages of the pistons for casting in bronze alloys in comparison with pistons made ​​of cast iron and steel.


Advantages of our plungers (pistons): Excellent quality thanks to good casting slip; No wear and galling between the plunger (piston) and a glass; Increased lifetime of glass, due to the fact that the wear prone basically only the plunger; Reduce costs and time to replace the plunger, repair and maintenance due to the high quality performance of the plunger; Low probability of formation of the "mushroom"; The high level of insulation, CuCoNiBe and CuNiSiCr have high sliding properties; There is no need to carry out nitriding glass; The ability to reuse the waste plug after grinding or finish turning.

Download - AERIS 1335 (CuCoNiBe)
Download AERIS 1340 CuNiSiCr specification


  • Automotive;
  • Electrical engineering
  • Household appliances;
  • Etc.


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Plungers for injection molding Plungers for injection molding Plungers for injection molding
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