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Special Materials Company provides industrial marketing, offering a European semi-finished products in copper and copper alloys, as well as complementary products (zinc, materials for welding, aluminum, bi-/trimetally and special steels), primarily through direct contracts with manufacturers.

The geography of our business - CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan) and the Baltic countries. The uniqueness of our proposal is that the materials are made strictly according to customers' specifications.

Our Mission: Production and complex deliveries of Special Materials for the innovative development of your business.

We constantly analyze and improve service. We give an opportunity for thousands of plants of large, medium and small businesses to acquire high-quality materials to use the final product by millions of people in the future, with quality guarantee absolute security at any time!

Our goal is market leadership in the occupied sectors.

Our advantages: service, customer focus, accuracy in detail.

Our plans: the scale and global. You must think globally - implement new projects, take responsibility and develop new markets - this is our next goal!

The company follows a strategy of doing business, due which we produce or deliver products or services that customers perceive as different from others, for whatever criteria. We are working on the needs of customers and offer them unique products that stand out from the gray mass.

The history of Special Material originated in 1996. Nearly two decades the organization has passed though by the marketing services global manufacturer of non-ferrous metal copper group Wieland Werke AG, Ulm, Germany to the leader in the supply of imported semi-finished products of zinc, copper and aluminum alloys in the CIS and Baltic countries. This period was characterized our company as a permanent partner and growing company due to the growth and efficiency.

Special Materials Company was founded by Vitaly Kovrigo to promote copper flat rolled products for microelectronics due to a shortage of high-quality products on the market. The company was able to provide exceptional quality service and quickly build a customer base for the Group Wieland Werke AG, Ulm, Germany. In this connection, it was decided to grant exclusive rights to industrial marketing all the products of concern in the CIS and the Baltic States in the future. The early years of its development, the company has specialized exclusively on the promotion of products of the group.

In 2002, due to the increasing number of customers in the automotive industry Special Materials started to promote the production of Grillo-Werke AG, Duisburg, Germany, primarily the production of zinc strips fuse.

In 2007, due to increasing consumption and the development strategy of the markets in Eastern Europe with the help of our company German company Wieland Werke AG opened a 100% subsidiary company Wieland Special Materials which is responsible for selling materials Wieland Group. Through long-term cooperation and established strong links between the two companies, together with Special Material provides industrial marketing and promotion of products in the CIS and Baltic countries.

In 2012, the company successfully completed the implementation of an internal quality management system, each employee is responsible for the work that he performs, monitors the quality and continuously improving the process by which he directs. In addition to this, with the help of company was made an initiation of the global brand manufacturer of beryllium tapes - the company NGK, Japan on the market of the CIS and the Baltic States!

In 2013 the company started to cooperate with the manufacturers of aluminum rolled metal Gutmann and represent the interests of the company for the supply of aluminum wire, rods, profiles, strips and blanks in the CIS and Baltic countries.

By 2014 the company has mastered the supply of equipment for the metallization of a global manufacturer OSU Hessler.

We are working hard in various sectors of the economy, being one of the leaders in implementing the import production of copper, zinc and aluminum and their alloys. It is our goal to be a leader in what you are doing!

On the steel market we present the complete range of products of copper, bronze, brass, copper-nickel, nickel, zinc and aluminum rolled products (sheets, strips, anodes, bars, tires, strips, plates, profiles, wire, zinc alloys, aluminum tape, foil and wire and a wide range of flat rolled products, and various types of foil, silver and bimetallic contacts, items made of copper and brass, finished electrodes, plunger, bronze forms, etc.).

Our company carries out direct deliveries directly from manufacturers. The study of consumer demand, as well as numerous testimonials of our customers enable to form and maintain the necessary range of inventory, use the optimal algorithm of sales and most operational supply chain. In addition to the existing permanent stocks an extensive range of products, we are ready to put under the order the production of copper, zinc, aluminum and their alloys.

Developed transport infrastructure, partnerships with leading carriers allows quickly deliver products to our customers and significantly reduce costs and delivery times.

The reliability and efficiency of supply, respect and trust to partners, professionalism and experience of our staff allowed to take a leading position in the market of non-ferrous metal and establish strong business ties with more than 1000 enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership.

Choosing us, you will gain a reliable partner and a guaranteed bet on high-tech software of your production in the future! Basic principles of our work: to provide the highest quality service and timely supplied products!


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