For the convenience of customers Special Materials company in addition to the supply of high-quality materials provides a wide range of services:

Technology — Special Materials provides auxiliary materials manufacturer, provides technological support, samples and provides technical solutions.

Logistics — transport branch Special Materials can deliver or organize the delivery of your cargo to any country, including with our own cargoes. With every delivery of goods we provide the documents pack in accordance with the current requirements of current country.

Marketing — Special Materials conducts regular research of different markets, assisting in the creation of the product concept for further progress in current country and search the markets for your production.

Advisory — Special Materials has an ability to carry out regular seminars and training for customers, including on the basis of suppliers. Special Materials partners ready to answer operatively for any technical questions; to develop customized TK for buyers and visit the company`s customers to assist in addressing issues of practical application of materials.

Additional services:

  1. Customs clearance of imported products of our partners or your suppliers, translation of export documents, cargo insurance, temporary storage in our warehouse or delivery of cargo to the customer's warehouse
  2. Stamping contacts of any type and complexity of customer's drawings
  3. Assistance in selecting the replacement the local alloy due to the provision of samples of alloys with improved properties
  4. Recycling of zinc and copper alloy products (from supplied raw materials)
  5. Manufacture of fabricated electrodes for resistance welding drawings
  6. Applying a coating of zinc and aluminum-zinc compound by gas or electric arc metallization to your or customers material.
  7. Delivery and technical and economic argument of the project by:
  • Abrasive installation
  • Blasting cameras
  • Habitable cameras
  • Mobile complexes
  • Shot blasting installations
  • Electric plating installations
  • Data collection, separation and storage
  • Abrasive material handling systems
  • Optional equipment
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