Foil – "Специальные Материалы" Производство и поставки цветного металлопроката в России.

The thinnest foil out of non-ferrous metals will satisfy your production needs. Manufacturing capabilities allow us to manufacture foil with thickness from 6 mcm to 100 mcm (0.006 – 0.1 mm) and maximum width up to 660 mm

Thin foil makes it possible to produce precision, light and effective products, as well as to protect the environment and save resources. For the manufacture of foil we use rolling equipment (including 20-roller rolling stand), cutting devices, equipment for special processing and annealing.

Upon your request we can perform further processing: perforation, shaped cutting, marking.



thickness 0.006 to 0.1 mm

width 0.6 to 660 mm


soft, semi-hard, hard

more stringent requirements not  according with GOST are possible


glossy, matte, defatted, passivated,

with organic or inorganic surface protection


depending on alloy and size


tin, silver, gold, nickel and others on request

coating thickness can range from 0.1 μm

depending on surface requirements


coils on steel, cardboard and plastic cores

film roll for foil less than 10 mm wide

rolls of different winding

rings consisting of sections of rolls or narrowly cut foils



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Specifications Name Alloy Russian analog

AERIS 1125

Copper Cu-DHP М1

AERIS 1130

Copper Cu-ETP М1
AERIS 1120 Copper SE-Cu58 М1р
AERIS 1135 Copper Cu-HTE М1
AERIS 1101 Copper CuAg0.1 БрСр0.1

AERIS 1388

Copper nickel alloys CuNi3Si1Mg Нет аналога
AERIS 1348 Copper nickel alloys CuNi6 МН6
AERIS 1347 Copper nickel alloys CuNi44Mn МНМц43-0.5
AERIS 1344 Copper nickel alloys CuNi23Mn Нет аналога
AERIS 1343 Copper nickel alloys CuNi10 МН10
AERIS 1342 Copper nickel alloys CuNi2 МН0,6
AERIS 1140 Copper nickel alloys CuNi Нет аналога

AERIS 1105

Oxygen free copper Cu-OFE М0б

AERIS 1100

Oxygen free copper Cu-OF М0б

AERIS 1345

Beryllium bronze CuBe2 БрБ2
AERIS 1399 Silicon bronze CuNi2Si БрКН1-3

AERIS 1310

Tin bronze CuSn6 БрОФ6,5-0,15

AERIS 1315

Tin bronze CuSn8 БрОФ7-0.2
AERIS 1312 Tin bronze CuSn6 Supralloy ближ. БрОФ6.5-0.15
AERIS 1237 Brass CuZn37 Л63
AERIS 1230 Brass CuZn36 Л63
AERIS 1210 Brass CuZn20 Л80
AERIS 1205 Brass CuZn10 Л90

AERIS 1800

Nickel Ni99.6 НП2Э

AERIS 1710

Molybdenum Mo МЧ, МЧВП
AERIS 1750 Tungsten W 99.9% ВЧ
AERIS 1427 Zinc Zn 99.97% Ц0
AERIS 1425 Zinc Zn 99.995% Ц0

Stainless and titanium alloys

Zinc and zinc aluminum alloys

Beryllium Containing Alloys

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