Strips – "Специальные Материалы" Производство и поставки цветного металлопроката в России.


We specialize in the production of strips and sheets for certain market segments: output frames, telecommunications, connectors, automotive electrics, metal products, electrical engineering, etc. All alloys – brass, bronze, special – are produced exclusively from high-quality raw materials and always have excellent characteristics. Strips are manufactured from the high quality raw materials and on the most modern rolling equipment with help of advanced technological processes.

AERIS alloys have a wide range of required properties such as high fatigue strength, high corrosion resistance, wear resistance and abrasion resistance and many others. In addition we can offer some materials that don’t have magnetic properties and spark formation. The magnetic permeability of these alloys approaches one, making them virtually transparent to magnetic fields.



thickness from 0.1 to 3.5 mm

width 1.0 to 1280 mm


depending on alloy and size


soft, semi-hard, hard

more rigid frames are possible not accordance with GOST


tin, (special alloys with tin), nickel, silver, gold and others on request

the thickness of the coatings can range from 0.7 to 10 μm

depending on surface requirements


type of material between coils: cardboard, corrugated cardboard,

standard spools with external diameter up to 1400mm

wooden spacers between and under each coil

coils with horizontal winding with weight up to 1.5 t

core type: metal, wood, cardboard

multicoils with a weight of up to 5 tons

tape with protective film


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Specification Name Alloy Russian analog

AERIS 1125

Copper Cu-DHP М1

AERIS 1130

Copper Cu-ETP М1
AERIS 1120 Copper SE-Cu58 М1р
AERIS 1101 Copper CuAg0.1 БрСр0.1

AERIS 1388

Copper nickel Alloy CuNi3Si1Mg Нет аналога

AERIS 1105

Oxygen free copper Cu-OFE М0б

AERIS 1100

Oxygen free copper Cu-OF М0б

AERIS 1345

Beryllium bronze CuBe2 БрБ2

AERIS 1300

Tin bronze CuSn4 БрОФ4-0.25

AERIS 1310

Tin bronze CuSn6 БрОФ6,5-0,15

AERIS 1315

Tin bronze CuSn8 БрОФ7-0.2
AERIS 1312 Tin bronze CuSn6 Supralloy ближ. БрОФ6.5-0.15
AERIS 1237 Brass CuZn37 Л63

AERIS 1800

Nickel Ni99.6 НП2Э

AERIS 1710

Molybdenum Mo МЧ, МЧВП
AERIS 1750 Tungsten W 99.9% ВЧ
AERIS 1427 Zinc Zn 99.97% Ц0
AERIS 1425 Zinc Zn 99.995% Ц0

Beryllium Containing Alloys

Stainless and titanium alloys

Special types of sections

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