Thin-walled and capillary tubes – "Специальные Материалы" Производство и поставки цветного металлопроката в России.

Thin-walled and capillary tubes

Tubes from copper, copper alloys are used in many industries. In general, several directions can be distinguished: domestic, industrial and air conditioning. In the domestic sphere, copper tubes are subject to such requirements as reliability, long service life and a large assortment of sizes. In the industrial sphere, other requirements stand out: effective heat transfer and mechanical properties. In most cases, the main application of copper alloy tubes is the production of heat exchangers, heating systems, water supply plants, floor and wall heating systems.

Specification Name Alloy Russian analog

AERIS 1105

Oxygen free copper Cu-OFE М0б

AERIS 1100

Oxygen free copper Cu-OF М0б

AERIS 1345

Beryllium bronze CuBe2 БрБ2
AERIS 1335 Beryllium containing bronze CuCoNiBe БрНБТ
AERIS 1375 Beryllium containing bronze CuCo2Be МКБ
AERIS 1346 Beryllium containing bronze CuNi2Be МНБ
AERIS 1399 Silicon bronze CuNi2Si БрКН1-3
AERIS 1340 Silicon bronze CuNiSiCr БрНХК, БрНХК(ф)
AERIS 1340 Silicon bronze CuNi2SiCr БрНХК, БрНХК(ф)
AERIS 1320 Chrome bronze CuCr1 БрХ
AERIS 1330 Chrome zirconium bronze CuCr1Zr БрХЦр, Бр1ХЦр, БрХ, БрХ1, БрЦр

AERIS 1800

Nickel Ni99.6 НП2Э

AERIS 1710

Molybdenum Mo МЧ, МЧВП
AERIS 1750 Tungsten W 99.9% ВЧ

Stainless and titanium alloys

Zinc and zinc aluminum alloys

Beryllium Containing Alloys

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