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Our history of working from home

Over the past two months, many companies have to change the principle of their work and go to a remote location, in this article you will learn how this happens with us.
Our company has big goals for this year, so the most important thing is to maintain a working atmosphere. In our office we have rules: at 8.30 the whole team is in place, at 10.00 charging. Therefore, now we have a daily morning call on Skype at 8.30 to greet colleagues, and at 10.30 we are all charging together to get a supply of energy for the entire working day. They also introduced a convocation at the end of the working day so that everyone could share the news, thoughts and work done.

Fortunately, our company was technically ready to move to a remote location, and we were able to keep our work in the same mode. All customer data, their applications and cases are stored in the CRM system, communication between employees and with customers occurs through Internet telephony.

Now we offer to dip a little into the workplaces of some of our employees

Icon Alexey

Project Lead Manager

Alexey is responsible for work with the current clients, but despite this can always consult you on all our products including on finished products for contact welding from alloys Cu-DHP, Cu-ETP, CuBe2, CuCoNiBe, CuCo2Be, CuNi2Be, CuNiSiCr, CuNi2SiCr, etc.

Beater Yegor

Project Lead Manager

Egor is a «hunter,» a specialist who searches for new ones by a client. Behind his shoulders wide experience of work and it always with pleasure will help with the choice of bars and a wire for your production from alloys Cu-OFE, Cu-OF, CuBe2, CuCoNiBe, CuCo2Be, CuNi2Be, CuNi2Si, etc.

Chakur Alexander

Business Analyst, CRM

Alexandra’s area of responsibility — everything related to the CRM system, setting up all the process in it and fixing errors

Vasilets Dmitry


All issues of logistics, timely delivery of goods and customs clearance are Dmitry’s responsibility. It also maintains issues related to the shipment of warehouse items, such as zinc wire

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