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Scope of practical application and technical characteristics of bronze circles

Bronze is a dual or multicomponent alloy composed of copper and other elements that improve the basic properties of the metal, with the exception of nickel and zinc.

The company «Special Materials» provides the following bronze alloys:

  • AERIS 1345 — Russian analogue of BrB2 — CuBe2 alloy
  • AERIS 1335 — Russian analogue of BrNBT — CuCoNiBe alloy
  • AERIS 1375 — Russian analogue of MKB — CuCo2Be alloy
  • AERIS 1346 — Russian analogue of MNB — CuNi2Be alloy
  • AERIS 1399 — Russian analogue of BrKN1−3 — CuNi2Si alloy
  • AERIS 1340 — Russian analogue of BrNHK, BrNHK (f) — CuNiSiCr alloy
  • AERIS 1320 — Russian analogue of BrH — Alloy CuCr1
  • AERIS 1330 — Russian analogue BrKhTsr, Br1KhTsr, BrKh, BrKh1, BrCr — Alloy CuCr1Zr

The assortment of rolled bronze is quite wide and includes the following types of products:

  • circles of bronze;
  • ribbons and stripes;
  • wire;
  • bronze slabs

The bronze circle is especially popular among all other products. It is a bar with a circular cross-section.

Regardless of its modification, the bronze circle can boast the following advantages:

  • ability to resist high electrical loads;
  • improved antifriction properties;
  • resistance to external mechanical stress;
  • high value of thermal conductivity.

As a raw material for the manufacture of bronze rods, a bronze alloy is effectively used, and the horizontal casting method is taken as the basis of the production process. This helps to increase the homogeneity of the material and improve its physical and mechanical characteristics.

The scope of practical use of bronze circles

ТSuch a category of rolled bronze as a circle of bronze is used as a blank for the further manufacture of products for various purposes.

So, for example, a circle made of bronze is effectively used for the production of various products:

  • bolts and nuts;
  • units and mechanisms;
  • fittings;
  • parts and assemblies for machine tools.
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