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Fuse inserts for car fuses

To make driving a car safe, it is not competent to organize traffic. It is also important to ensure the quality of the components and parts of the car. The most important nodes of the car include wiring. Closure in it leads to ignition. Therefore, car creators are trying to improve the safety of wiring. Fuse inserts are an important part of auto fuses.

When the current levels are higher than critical ones, fuses can be turned off. Their fusible inserts have properties that allow current to flow in the circuit. The material of the inserts is zinc. When the current exceeds a certain mark, the fusible insert burns and the circuit opens.

The highest quality of electrical protection in plug fuses of cars. They have high-quality zinc fusible inserts. Good contact is provided between the fuse and the holder. Each series of products requires its own holders depending on the type.

Our company produces and supplies zinc tapes for the production of fusible inserts and other electric parts for the car of the highest quality. The quality of stamping and the parameters of the insert material (zinc) allow you to supply products to any car factory in the world!

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