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Use of zinc wire in the manufacture of capacitors

Have you ever wondered what zinc wire is for? As it turns out, this wire is quite widely used in industry, in its fundamental industries such as shipbuilding and mechanical engineering. For example, zinc wire is actively used in the manufacture of various technical products. At the same time, it is literally aimed at protecting the metal components of the technique, due to the ability to be applied to the surface of the product by spraying.

In addition, zinc wire is often used in the production of any refrigeration equipment and the manufacture of electrical products, including in the field of mining. As an example, we can cite its direct direct use in the manufacture of capacitors. And, as you know, this radio-technical element has a very extensive line of varieties, which includes capacitors such as capacitors made of polyethylene naphthalate and polypropylene films, constant capacitance, capacitors made of foil. In turn, they are widely used in various fields of industry. Aircraft, power engineering, production of radio products, automotive industry, electronics, lighting components, and oil production and processing.

As we have already noted, zinc wire is very often used to protect metal products from corrosion, which is why it has found its use in protecting such units of modern industry as capacitors. As a result, they acquire additional properties for resisting various aggressive environments, which significantly increase their service life and the ability to solve their specific tasks set for this node.

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